Lack of water is one of the main problems for Natives in Argentina and the entire world. In we have started building two water tanks for 17.000 litres each 8 metres high in order to guarantee water pressure. As a result, we have increased capacity, without working in the well and the pump.

Consequently, we have increased water capacity without changing the original structure. The former structure has been reinforced in order to duplicate benefits without modifying the previous well.

Thanks to this, the Chorote people of Misión La Gracia, La Estrella and San Anselmo will be able to have access to water to make their own family showers and to water their community harvest. At the same time, an irrigation system has been planned for these communities to grow pumpkin, melon, watermelon, beans, sweet potatoes, tomato, red peppers, tangerine, lemon and orange trees, etc.

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