Tewok Project

Tales of the native communities of the Pilcomayo River in northern Argentina, narrated by the Wichí historian Laureano Segovia. Oral cultures generate powerful verbal acts of great artistic and human value that are sustained through memory.


““My dad used to say: I don’t have much studies, what I do have is a lot to say, it’s my word to share”

Laureano Segovia

The Foundation Originarios supported the realization of the Tewok project, joining the proposal of a working group led by Carlos Müller who in turn worked with the Wichí historian Laureano Segovia, set out to conduct the digitization of their records and the conduction of a documentary video on Laureano’s work and the social and historical context in which it takes place.

The documentary Tewok, gives us an essential look to understand the processes of struggle for the rights of the native peoples who inhabit this region. It is a tribute to the capacity and understanding of a historical consciousness offered by Laureano Segovia.

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