Sam Samtes. Wikina Wos Ji`le – Our Words. The language of the North Wind

libro fide presentacion“Sam Samtes. Wikina Wos Ji`le – Our Words. La lengua de los del Viento Norte” is the third book published by Fidelina Diaz. It belongs to the collection Palabra Originaria, co-published by the Fundación Originarios and the Fondo Editorial de la provincia de Salta. This work was presented by its author at the XI Salta Book Fair on November 5, 2021.

Fidelina Diaz or Arpie, original name in her language wikina wos, a linguistic variant of the Samijyè people (Chorote), spoken in the Iyo-owujwua partiality. She is a proud descendant of Maki (bird woman) and Wetin. Wise grandparents who took care of her upbringing and knew how to transmit to her the love for her people and cultivated in her the need to make their history and culture known.

In her concern to value and disseminate her culture, Arpie, from a very young age, decided to write and enter the classroom. “Sam Samtes. Wikina Wos Ji`le – Our Words. La lengua de los del Viento Norte”  is the third book published by Arpie.

Today she exercises her role as a bilingual in the school of Cañaveral, municipality of Santa Victoria Este. There she accompanies the Wichi and Samijyè children and the grade teachers who usually do not speak the native languages.

A language is a great cultural treasure and Arpie knows it, she raises her language as a banner of resistance and shares it with us in this important work. She is aware of the need to make her culture, her history and her language visible, because only injustice can be expected from invisibilization.


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