In Pomis Jiwet we used reverse osmosis to put into operation a water purification system for the community’s well water. This system not only provides enough amount of drinking water for human consumption to meet the needs of the community but it also prevents the damage to health that results from consuming the salts that have a strong effect on people.

The system includes a 1000-liter water tank into which well water flows, a pump that carries the water towards osmosis, and a second 1000 liter water tank where filtered water is stored. Finally, purified water is discharged into an elevated tank from where water is supplied to the entire community. This way, water with 50 times fewer salts than that provided directly by the community well is attained.

To collect and store said water, three 5000-liter water tanks were installed in each one of the buildings enabling us to store a total of 15,000 liters of water. Each system has a first filter to prevent collecting impurities and accumulating elements unfit for water conservation.

Harvested water is mainly used for agriculture and is transported with 90-liter hippo rollers, that is, barrels especially designed for efficient storage and transportation.

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