The urgency to solve basic demands such as food production is imposed when thinking about projects of all kinds. The sustainability and appropriate development of these ideas depends in turn on the ways in which people and families are associated and the dynamics existing in their organizations and communities.

We consider that the good destiny of productive projects is inextricably linked to infrastructure solutions, but also and not to a lesser extent, to the development of activities that promote organizational and community strengthening, that feed identity, cultural processes, etc.



With the collective effort of the Pomis Jiwet community, the foundation and the contribution of our sponsors and volunteers, we began with the construction of an artificial lake of 23 million liters of water, with a 6 meters deep chamber and its respective pump and filter, for the harvest of rainwater and/or a possible overflow of the river Pilcomayo…


AgriCulture means “the culture of being on the earth” and in this sense a living, dynamic proposal emerges, recalling the common root that unites and sustains us: the earth, the mother of cultivation and culture. It is a participatory proposal that is born from an exchange with the communities and does not intend to be a final result, but rather a dynamic that adapts to the needs,…

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