The urgency of meeting demands as basic as food production is imposed when thinking about projects of all kinds. The proper support and development of these ideas depends in turn on the ways in which individuals and families get together and the dynamics that exist in their organizations and communities.

We consider that the good fate of productive projects is inextricably linked to infrastructure solutions, but also and not to a lesser extent, to the development of activities that promote organizational and community strengthening, which nurture identity, cultural processes, etc.



Agriculture means “the culture of being on earth” and in this sense the need of building a collective, organic and dynamic development arises, for the strengthening of networks, alliances and life sustain: the earth, mother of cultivation and culture.

This participatory proposal is a dynamic that emerges from the cultural exchange and that adapts to the needs, interests and concerns of the communities. A dialogue between ancestral knowledge and flavors, with new concepts and appropriate techniques.


The Pisciculture project arises in the community of Pomis Jiwet in the framework of the search for a sustainable food solution throughout the year, which is complemented by traditional fisheries and agriculture. It is projected that production of this fish farm will provide a considerable amount of protein for the livelihood of the families of the community.

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