The Fundation


In Argentina, natives have been forgotten, denied and silenced.

Even today, natives struggle to feel respected and well-known for their culture, knowledge, forms, time; not as minorities but as cultures, an essential part of our history and our country.

These are people who have preceded emerging states, the same states which have caused the worst tragedies ever to their populations. Throughout these years they have been diminished, dispossessed, set apart and exploited with major disdain and brutalit

In societies like ours trying to think in different way is far from being a mere intellectual sport, especially considering our present.
On the contrary, it is the condition of possibility itself to establish freedom and develop coherence to an entire nation.
This is why we believe it is necessary to recur to every research and method that enables us to make a deep and shared reflection, which may be difficult to accomplish without the contribution of the sensitive dimension reached by audiovisual techniques.


Our commitment is to generate different kinds of activities: workshops for natives;
activities for them to gain social and cultural acknowledgement such as music shows, and exhibit their craft work; help them to fight for the acknowledgment of their rights.

We contribute in a practical and pleasant way with audiovisual shipping, in order to announce the situation of natives in our country, looking forward to generate consciousness, action and responsibility, without succumbing in sensationalism.
All this activities will be carried out jointly, together with inhabitants of native populations and our team.

There is no Them or Us in our acts. We all are. We all do.

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We are an interdisciplinary team of volunteers who work together with
vulnerable populations, natives, invisibilized/forgotten people from rural, urban, border and peripheric areas We look forward to strengthening their social boundaries in order to empower their traditional culture, local knowledge, wisdom and ancestral tradition.

Our goal is to promote collective building and interaction of knowledge; walk along with them, learn, interact and share knowledge of all the native communities from Argentina and abroad.

We believe that photography and video are essential resources to communicate and understand the world we live in. For this reason, they will become our main resource to show this/results in an explicit and articulated way.

From we want to help strengthen native people so that their claims are considered.

We are looking forward to connecting intelligence human and vision cinematographic capacities: perceive the world because it is analyzed and analyze the world because it is perceived.

We have developed new forms of working with real life together with people who, not long ago, were absent and invisible to global society. We do not help them, we build “along with them”. Whatever we say, do, tell, celebrate, we do along with them.

That is why we are convinced that in this project there is no “them or us”. There is no such division. We are all part of the same foundation.

Native people and us are the ones who maintain and make grow. And so do you. You are also an essential and necessary member. We need your help and ideas. Help us spread out this message.