Editorial line for authors from native peoples

The Foundation Originarios in agreement with the Secretary of Culture of the Province of Salta and with the Permanent Program of Extension, Research and Development in Native Communities of Argentina, from the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature, U.B.A. (University of Buenos Aires), we have set out the creation of an editorial line for authors of native peoples, a collection of books prepared by members of different organizations and communities that live in the province of Salta.

The texts we intend to publish are the product of the collective effort of the communities, which have managed to recover through an arduous process of work and reconstruction of the memory of their peoples, their own stories, life trajectories, and identity, cultural and social processes which are without doubt an invaluable cultural heritage.

From this project of unique characteristics in our country, the voices of social actors, particularly marginalized within the Argentine literary production, are recovered. Through this project they can become true agents and producers, bearers of knowledge. They are the bearers of a history of their own. It is through their writings, that they can disclose their knowledge as part of a project of vindication and reappraisal of their identities by contributing to the construction of multi ethnic society.


This is the first book in the editorial line that we carry out in co-edition with the Fondo Editorial (Editorial Fund) and Secretary of Culture of the Province of Salta. 

The author Juan de Dios López, chief of the community “Territorios Originarios Wichí” (Native Wichi Land) together with Leda Kantor, present a work that gives us an account of the relationship of the wichí world with the forest, where the voices of the wind, women, spirits, seeds and water come alive. It is a book about the philosophy and spiritual aspects of the Wichi peoples.

Furthermore, in context, this book presents some reflections on the struggles of Juan de Dios and his community.

Las Cuatro Voces del Viento

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