Agriculture means “the culture of being on earth” and in this sense the need of building a collective, organic and dynamic development arises, for the strengthening of networks, alliances and life sustain: the earth, mother of cultivation and culture.

This participatory proposal is a dynamic that emerges from the cultural exchange and that adapts to the needs, interests and concerns of the communities. A dialogue between ancestral knowledge and flavors, with new concepts and appropriate techniques.

Our main concern is in soil construction and regeneration understanding that:

“In a healthy soil, healthy plants, healthy animals,
healthy human beings and healthy communities can grow”


In the community of Kates (La Estrella), we can appreciate beautiful results of an entire process producing food also during the dry season. Promoting quality nutrient-dense foods.

Garden of the Rojas family using compost and irrigation system. Kates Community, Pilcomayo region. Salta.


We promote training as well as gatherings and exchange sessions that help consolidate agriculture in the communities and the strengthening of networks and alliances in between the communities, where knowledge, flavors and seeds take a main role in the construction of memory and culture as a whole.

Training by Jairo Restrepo Rivera, in Organic and Regenerative Agriculture, where representatives in agriculture from Kates and Misión La Gracia communities participated. Gualeguaychú, Entre Ríos.

Meeting of Agriculture of semi-arid chaco communities and yungas communities of pedemonte. Taperigua Community, Tartagal, Salta.


After trainings and exchanges, we have traveled the forest area, collecting local materials for the realization of a bocashi-type fertilizer, with the aim of generating a fertile and solid structure to promote family and community gardens in the eco-region of semi-arid chaco in Pilcomayo. In this way emphasis is placed on bringing the memory of the forest back to the crops, revitalizing soil microbiology. We continue weaving networks of exchange and knowledge between communities with the aim of integrating gardens and forests to achieve food sovereignty in harmony with the environment.

Elaboration of bocashi-type compost and soil conditioning for gardens and fruit trees. Kate’s Community, Pilcomayo region. Salta.

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